Steve Small’s
New Book!!

The Business of Open Space: Whats Next??
After writing The Federal Tax Law of Conservation Easements and three Preserving Family Lands books, Steve’s latest book ventures into new waters with a new agenda for the “business of open space” in the coming decade and after that. Based on his decades of work on private land protection transactions, Steve sees the need for the “business” to develop new ideas, new techniques, new transactions, and to reach out to more landowners. If you are interested in seeing the business of open space move forward, you MUST read this new book and you must encourage your colleagues to do the same. Steve wrote the original Preserving Family Lands twenty-five years ago as a “primer” about conservation easements and the related tax issues for landowners, their advisors, and land trusts; this new book moves the business in dramatic and necessary new directions.
Steve Small is recognized as the nation’s leading authority on private land protection options and strategies. He has been counsel to landowners and easement holders in more than 400 transactions around the country and has been involved in the protection of more than 1.5 million acres of land. Steve’s writing comes out of his unique perspective of land protection efforts around the country. Over more than three decades, Steve has given more than 400 speeches and workshops and represented clients in more than 45 states. More than 150,000 copies of the Preserving Family Lands books are in circulation.